Jan Stępień


Jan Stępień brings balance to parentheses.


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I work with people to build better soft­ware. My interests span archi­tecture, devel­opment, and opera­tions. I look for simple solutions for complex problems.

I live in Berlin, Germany and am a consultant at INNOQ.


Type Driven Data, Data Driven Types at CEST #1, 2020

That Looks Oddly Familiar at Rust Berlin February 2019

Native Clojure with GraalVM at ClojuTRE 2018

Formatting with first-class types on the INNOQ blog, 2018

Introducing structure in Clojure at Codemotion Milan 2017

Erlang in The Land of Lisp at PolyConf 2016

Generative Testing at EuroClojure 2015

Migrating to Clojure. So much fn. at wroc_love.rb 2014

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